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Yes he can — Obama Avoids 99.95% of questions raised at his latest Town Hall meeting

This wasn’t your typical Obama Town hall meeting. This was a Twitter Town hall with 26k participants, who raised apporx. 40k unique #AskObama questions.

These were the two most popular Twitter questions President Obama (@BarackObama) avoided:

Would you consider legalizing marijuana to increase revenue and save tax dollars by freeing up crowded prisons, court rooms?

Pres. Obama: Why can’t we discuss legalizing cannabis to create jobs and save millions annually on enforcement?

Let’s not be too hard on Obama, as it would take him, three months to answer (or possibly avoid) every unique question raised during this Twitter Town hall. Yet, have politicians found the perfect town hall format for avoiding difficult popular questions?

TwitSprout (a new social media analytics start-up) made some bold social predictions as to what questions Obama might answer in this Fluffy Links guest post  Can Social Media Predict Obama’s Town Hall Answers” by Dan Holowack (@dHolowack) Co-Founder at TwitSprout.

Here’s how TwitSprout faired:

  • Good: TwitSprout got 2 tweets bang on – but only 1 was included as a Top 3 in the official dashboard.
  • Bad: The TwitSprout algorithm missed a connection between two different tweets. If the connection was found, then @johnboehner’s ‘where are the jobs’ tweet would have been included in our dashboard as a ‘hot topic’.
  • Ugly: Obama clearly avoided the most retweeted topic by the American people – legalizing marijuana (nothing to do with TwitSprout)

Not a bad. For further analysis read Fluffy Links guest post where TwitSprout discusses the Twitter Town Hall results and social influence.

TwitSprout also produced a fantastic infographic, jammed packed with interesting results and social influence statistics.

Ask Obama Twitter Town Hall Results by TwitSprout

TwitSprout Dashboard

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