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Brands now know how to “Captcha” you

Advertisers have figured out the ideal way to help marketers force marketing communications down the throats of unsuspecting browsers…

Just like the first company who placed advertising in public toilets, Solve Media have identified an suspecting location for Internet based advertising.

Solve Media’s proprietary TYPE-INâ„¢ is branded CAPTCHA (human authentication), which places relevant brand messages where users are already engaged. TYPE-INâ„¢ ads provide value for Advertisers, Publishers and Consumers.

Type in Advertising with Captha's

Image: Solve Media


Solve Media carried out extensive research around TYPE-INâ„¢ based advertising”Exploring the Impact of Type ins on Brand and Message Recall“. This research concluded that TYPE-INâ„¢ ads outperformed digital display advertising in every meaningful brand metric. For instance, it claims type in based advertising gets 1200% greater message recall than a typical banner ad

Captcha’s might have been created to fight Spam, but now expect them to be used by advertisers who want to force you to read their brand related messages.

You can browse, but you can’t hide.

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