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Never go hungry again with anti-theft lunch bags

Creative packaging design and product branding doesn’t get anymore innovative than these Anti-Theft Lunch Bags designed by “the.”. They might help avoid getting your lunch nicked by that that sticky-fingered coworker or schoolyard bully but don’t be surprised if you find your lunch in the bin. That being said we love this creative packaging idea by “the.”.

You can’t beat strong product branding even if the product is a little flawed.

Creative packaging design -  Anti theft Lunch bag

Creative packaging design -  Anti theft Lunch bagCreative packaging design -  Anti theft Lunch bag

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@ Not A Fan. It Won't Be A Success Because It Unconsciously Will Effect The Users Experience Of The Food Being Consumed.
Fred Cuellar
@ Probably not actually effective as an anti-theft device, but it never hurts to add a little humor to the office. :-)
Chris Kaufman
@ totally! *love* these humorous shots. can we also call this a slice-of-life ad?
Anne S.



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