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Creepy German Facebook Stalker Movie

It’s never a good sign when a girl you don’t even know has a tattoo of your name.

Germen social-media marketing agency Doodem has created a new Facebook marketing campaign which would make Hannibal Lector proud. The message behind this impressive digital marketing stunt is, Facebook is scary! Especiually when most people don’t understand Facebooks privacy settings.

Experience it for yourself (its creepy but good):

creepy Facebook social media campaign

Similar to Intels Museum of Me campaign this campaign also makes use of Facebook Connect. Notruf Deutschland asks you to log in with Facebook, it then creates a very personalised and creepy video in which fan-girl stalkers chat about how great I am (obviously they’ve never met me), while showing off pictures and even a tattoo of my name.

Thanks to Rich Quigley for sharing.


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