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All about you: Intel Facebook ‘Museum of Me’ campaign

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a museum dedicated to you? Perhaps you are not enough of a megalomaniac, but some of those guys at Intel certainly are!

Intel’s The Museum of Me compiles all your Facebook information and creates a three-minute long sophisticated expose about the parts of you that has made its way to the social network. The site connects to Facebook using Facebook Connect and collects your information, pictures, friends and location and turns it all into a beautiful, personalised art exhibition set to an emotionally-wrought soundtrack.


Transforming Facebook data into a rich web experience to take users through their life is not a novel concept, remember the Facebook app for turning your Facebook Profile into a book? The challenge is now who does it better. The agency behind this campaign certainly stepped up to the mark.

The end-product of the app is beautifully presented, and carries an unnerving amount of emotional weight, especially if you have images of deceased friends or family in your Facebook albums. The app also makes you very aware of how much data you actually store on Facebook. This campaign demonstrates the power of Facebook Connect and OpedID.

On a business level however, the campaign isn’t as impressive. The site seems unfinshed or at least a little rushed as there’s no real call to action. I’d expect most people who participate won’t connect it in any way to Intel’s Core i5 processors (whatever they are…?).

However this is still one of the best Facebook connect apps we a have seen in a long time. Try it out for yourself, we think you’ll be impressed:


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