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Mark Zuckerberg likes his beer barefoot

This recently released interview provides a unique glimpse inside the early workings of Facebook. It’s June 2005 and the 15 month-old social networking site is celebrating its three-millionth user with a keg of Heineken.

Facebook celebration

Zuckerberg's co-founder


Mark Zuckerberg is barefoot, dressed in Adidas shorts and a white cotton T-shirt. A style that has served him well to this day. It has even earned Zucks the coveted title of worst-dressed man in technology by GQ magazine, even beating Steve Jobs.

I like making things,” he says. “I don’t like getting my picture taken. Mark Zuckerberg

Don’t be surprised if Facebook hire a CEO with a better dress sense in the coming years, while Zuckerberg retreats to what he loves doing best. Drinking Heineken barefoot.

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