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Levi’s research shows some men like staring at ladies asses — profound right?

Men (and some women) do like to admire the rear ends of the ladies, true? It’s an evolutionary imperative some would say, merely the Superior Colliculus (very Freudian) region of the brain serving its purpose and identifying high value target. It’s a fact that one would think needs little affirmation. Nevertheless, the Rear View Girls at Levi’s took it on themselves to carry out a social experiment aimed at proving the obvious.

The Rear View Girls have now been uncovered as a marketing campaign promoting Levi’s Curve ID jeans. It’s a pretty effective campaign at that, with over seven million views on Youtube. A nice idea, but the truth is these two girls could have worn ski pants and people (men and women) would still have been caught gawking haplessly.

Colenso BBDO is the agency responsible for this insightful yet obvious piece of work and it was shot by Jae Morrison. Jae Morrison previously shot some really great Heavy Rain spots.

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