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IKEA wins the Internet with this Viral Marketing Stunt

IKEA wins the Internet with this Viral Marketing Stunt

We’ve seen many good Apple commercial parodies before, but IKEA gets major kudos for this viral marketing stunt.

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Why Marketing Jargon is a Big Market


This is a clever promo for Adobe Marketing Cloud wherein marketing folk are given electric shocks every time they use marketing jargon.

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Meet Internet Sensation Reanin Johannink


Reanin Johannink reached 8 million views in one week.

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Viral Marketing Kings Buds Rhett and Link

Dope Zebra

This is pure creative genius.

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LG’s epic viral marketing video is effective

LG viral marketing smart thief caught on cam

This is one viral video we know you’ll watch at least twice.

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What’s my f*cking New Year’s resolution?

new years resolution

This is the actual title of a genius yet beautifully simple New Years campaign from from BBDO Denmark.

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Should this Guinness Ad have been banned?


I can’t recall seeing this Guinness ad on TV.

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Skittles Newlyweds in sweet blue movie


I thought grownups didn’t like sweets.

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How to make your brand go viral


If they are lucky this will go viral too.

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Sex parties help Virgin sell train tickets

virgin trains sex party

Old but still gold. A shocking news report featuring the effects of Britain’s obsession with non sustainable transport options on the mating habits of the flora and fauna of this pleasant land.

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