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What Google’s Hunter Walk learnt working at Second Life, Google & Youtube

Hunter Walk Interview

Hunter Walk focuses on YouTube as a platform for social good, activism and free expression. Learn what start-up he would invest $10k in right now and how to land a job in Google.

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The Story of YouTube


Like many spotty 7 year olds around the world, Youtube is growing up fast!

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Hairy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Fancy a cinema packed with hairy bikers?

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Is the Planet Of The Apes marketing viral a little racist?

Planet of the Apes Viral Movie

This viral gives a new meaning to the phrase Guerilla Marketing.

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Life in a Day

Life in a Day

A Life in a Day is the world’s largest user-generated documentary, shot in a single day.

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How to break up — with your Bank

If only all break up letters were this easy.

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Levi’s research shows some men like staring at ladies asses — profound right?


Nevertheless, the Rear View Girls at Levi’s took it on themselves to carry out a social experiment aimed at proving the obvious.

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Who are Microsoft Targeting with their Vision 2019?


When I first watched the video of Microsoft’s Vision 2019 on Youtube, the first thing that came to mind was “Great! Now what can Apple do to top that?”

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Kelly Brook Cinema Experience

kelly Brook Cinema Experience

Picture this: Kelly Brook serving beers before a 3D football match in a tiny red jump suit? Think that‘s unlikely? Maybe so, but that i

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Noah Kalina takes a photo of himself everyday

Noah Kalina and Paris Hilton

Noah Kalina is not just a Youtube phenomenon, he is actually a very talented photographer…

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